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Matthiola "Iron" is a specific variety of Matthiola, also known as stock flowers. Matthiola Iron, developed in Japan, is renowned for its tall, sturdy stems and densely packed florets. Early Iron particularly excels in contrast to Iron cultivated in the four months with decreased sunlight: November, December, January and February, as it produces high-quality, uniform crops in greater quantity.

  • Extra early flowering
  • For short day conditions
  • Excellent plant height
  • Good quality and vase life
  • Attractive colour range
  • Approximately 55% double flowering without
    seedling selection
  • Attractive for mono vases, excellent filler for
    mixed bouquets
  • 'Iron' is a series of large double flowered stock on sturdy stems in a range of colors, and the variety used by many florists for arrangements.

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