Therapy of Flowers

We choosing flower seed and corm varieties that are easy to grow, visually appealing in the garden, and suitable for cutting can bring beauty to both your outdoor space and indoor arrangements.

  • Discover the Beauty of Seasonal Blooms

    Indulge in the wonders of nature with our carefully selected flower varieties. Enhance your gardening experience by choosing seeds from our carefully curated collections, ensuring the cultivation of exquisite blooms and fresh cut flowers.

  • Flower bouquet with a story

    The flower bouquet we create for our clients exclusively features flowers cultivated on our very own farm.

    We love flower arrangements that are wirh untamed wild & beautiful, with texture and feeling. Our flower bouquets incorporate fresh herbs, verdant greens, and various other exquisite blossoms.

  • Botanical Seed Store

    We guarantee that all our seeds and corms are of professional standard, and every flower we offer is grown from these seeds, corms.

    Enrich your everyday experience with the alluring beauty of flowers.

Spring flowers


Ranunculus are some of the loveliest flowers, a truly adored springtime favorite.


Spring flowers


Italian Mistral Anemones display an exceptional level of color precision.

Cosmos A beautiful and easy flower to grow from seed

Invaluable flowers for weddings

Cosmos flowers

The finest cosmos varieties for cut flowers. A gorgeous and simple-to-grow flower from seed.


Autumn flowers

China asters

China asters have an impressive longevity when displayed in a vase, lasting for an extended period of time. Moreover asters are available in a stunning array of colors and offer a wide serie varietys of flower shapes, sizes and colour.


Hardy annuals

Antirrhinum majus | Snapdragons

Antirrhinum majus (Snapdragons) are great for floral compositions, featuring abundant clusters of flowers that provide volume.


Spring flowers

Matthiola incana | Stock

The Matthiola incana, a fragrant and spiky flower, is a part of the brassicaceae family and is recommended for cool-season production.


Discover the beauty of summer blossoms

Lisianthus | Eustoma grandiflorum

Lisianthus is widely known for its popularity as a cut flower and its suitability for cutting gardens. It adds elegance to the warm temperate summer garden with its blooms, which can be found in shades ranging from white and pink to mauve and vivid blue.


Dahlia tubers


Dahlias can be cultivated from tubers. Once planted, they will produce beautiful blooms throughout the entire summer season. It has been observed that when a dahlia plant is pruned frequently, it tends to exhibit a higher level of blooming activity.


Summer flowers

Flower seeds A-Z

Other seed varieties for your cutting garden.