Collection: Spring planted bulbs

Ranunculus and Anemones have rapidly become popular in the world of flowers, thanks to their easy upkeep and of course, their luxurious look. A few simple steps can create stunningly attractive spring blooms, ideal for both outdoor gardens and indoor vases

Ranunculus and anemones are shipped in a dry, dormant state, allowing them to be stored easily and safely at room temperature for up to several months, provided that planting is not possible right away.

Your corms can be stored for several months upon arrival, as long as they remain dry. If you receive them during the fall or winter but plan to plant them in the spring, you can keep them in their original packaging in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. Sometimes, Ranunculus corms may lose their "legs" during shipping, but rest assured, they will still sprout.

We ship corms out in the fall to excited gardeners, and again in January and February to those who may have missed ordering earlier. Depending on weather, as they cannot freeze.


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