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Phlox Drummondii Cherry Caramel

Phlox Drummondii Cherry Caramel

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This phlox variety boasts beautiful antique shades of pink, parchment paper, and blush. It also emits a delightful fruity scent. Whether used in bouquets, flower beds, or vases, it is a stunning addition to any space.

From June to autumn, the flowers bloom in abundance, making it a favorite in our potager. For even more growth, cut the flowers and use them in arrangements.

To help with germination, sow the seeds indoors three to four weeks before the last frost. Cover the seeds with compost or a tray to block out light, as germination can take up to 21 days. Once the seedlings are large enough, transplant them into individual pots and pinch out the growing tip when they reach approximately 8 centimeters to promote bushy growth. Alternatively, the seeds can be directly sown from April onwards.

Plant out tight together in a bright location but not direct sun. Will need support if growing for bouquets and a vase life up to 7 days.

  •  Seeds germinate in 14-21 days.
  •  Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost and transplant after all chance of frost has passed.
  •  Ideal germination temperature is 18 C.
  •  Keep seeds evenly moist until germinated.


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