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Didiscus caeruleus Lace Pink

Didiscus caeruleus Lace Pink

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Didiscus caerulea, also known as Trachymene belongs to a broad genus of annuals or semi-perennials and is known as the Blue Lace Flower for the unusual pale lavender-blue flower colour of the species. Each delicate lacy umbel shaped flower head is composed of tiny, star-shaped, sweetly fragrant flowers. Sweet-scented cut flower.

Soft pink blooms are held aloft on stiff stems. Flowers have a mild, clean fragrance and delicate appearance. Plant habit is branching and upright with few leaves. Plants produce blooms for up to two months

  • Start indoors 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost.
  •  Sow seeds 1/16 in deep.
  •  Keep moist until seeds sprout.
  •  The ideal soil temperature for germination is 21 C.
  •  Seeds sprout in 14-21 days.
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