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Tiikerikaunosilmä x hybrida Incredible! Sea Shells mix

Tiikerikaunosilmä x hybrida Incredible! Sea Shells mix

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Eye-catching, fluted blooms in the form of 'seashells' adorn vigorous plants, with petals that curl tightly at the edges. Coreopsis hybrida Incredible SEA SHELLS MIX offers unusual flowers featuring tubular petals in unique colors, with dark throats that create a captivating look. Through extensive breeding, this popular series has been given a vibrant range of never-before-seen hues, featuring striking bicolors ranging from deep reds to creams and yellows. Fast-growing and fuss-free, this exceptional variety will keep your garden blooming from June to October.

  • Seeds germinate in 21-30 days.
  • Light aids seed germination; gently press into soil or surface sow seeds, covering with a very fine layer of starting mix or vermiculite.
  • Keep tray consistently lightly moist, but not soaking wet, until germinated. (Some will choose to cover the tray in a clear plastic bag or with plastic wrap to trap moisture until germinated, but this is optional.)



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