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Snapdragon Legend Light Pink F1

Snapdragon Legend Light Pink F1

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta €2,30 EUR
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Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.
Package contains

Unique cool lavender-pink color.

This novel color is excellent for spring bouquets. Florets are densely packed on the flower spike, giving the blooms a lovely full appearance. Bred for performance under short days and low temperatures; considered a group 1 snapdragon. Well-suited for winter or early spring bloom period. Performs well in our overwinter tunnel trials. Not recommended for summer production. Plants produce short, thin stems under high-light, summer temperatures and long-day conditions.

 Variety: Antirrhinum majus

Type: Short-lived perennial treated as an annual
Position: Full sun in free draining soil.
Sow: early Spring
Spacing: 10-15cm
Height: 70-80cm
Harvest: May/June – July

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