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Kiinanasteri Valkyrie Tristan, pink

Kiinanasteri Valkyrie Tristan, pink

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Valkyrie is vigorously blooming aster series in the giant ray type. The long, pointed petals of these flowers resemble rosy cactus flowers, and as they open up, the center petals have a swirling pattern. Remarkable is the pyramidal growth and the high uniformity of the single colours.

The plants are approx. 60-70 cm high and branching very close to the soil, forming long stems for cutting. The plants are topped by a large number of blossoms with a diameter of approx. 12-14 cm. They have long, sturdy stems, making them a great choice for wedding floral arrangements. This flower variety is highly recommended for late summer and autumn bouquets. It sounds like a delightful addition to any garden or floral design.

This series owes its typical radiate blossom shape to the curved form of slender, quilled petals. Each plant produces 8-12 stems for cutting. The series with universal use is also suitable for protected cultivation of cut flowers in spring and autumn.

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