About our garden

Welcome to Dina's Blooming World, where our passion for flowers is at the heart of everything we do. Our story begins with a girl named Dina, whose love for nature and gardening transformed her life and inspired the creation of our online flower seeds shop.

Dina Therapy of Flowers


Dina's journey started in her own backyard, where she carefully planted seeds and tended to her blossoming flowers. With each passing season, her garden grew more vibrant and breathtaking. The sheer beauty of her blooms captivated not only her heart but also the hearts of her neighbors and friends in Latvia.

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Driven by a desire to share the joy of her garden with others, Dina ventured beyond her backyard, transforming the Latvian countryside into a living canvas of colors. Her hard work, passion, and dedication led her to cultivate vast fields of stunning summer flowers, making it her mission to bring happiness and beauty to the lives of those around her.

But Dina's love for flowers didn't stop there. As her garden and fields flourished, she became enthralled by the seemingly infinite variety of flowers and their unique characteristics. This fascination inspired her to search for new, hand-selected flower seeds that would delight and enchant.

Therapy of Flowers

Dina's quest led her to explore distant lands and learn from expert horticulturists, all in pursuit of the most exquisite and rare flower seeds. She brought these treasures back to Latvia, eager to share her discoveries and offer her fellow garden enthusiasts the opportunity to create their own floral wonderlands.

Thus, Dina's Blooming World was born—a haven for gardeners and flower enthusiasts, providing an array of carefully selected flower seeds sourced from Latvia and beyond. Our online shop is more than just a seed store; it's a reflection of Dina's unwavering passion for the beauty of nature and her commitment to sharing that beauty with the world.

We are a dedicated team, bound together by our love for flowers and the joy they bring. At Dina's Blooming World, our mission is simple: to provide you with exceptional flower seeds and the inspiration to create your own flourishing garden.

Join us in our journey of nurturing the earth and spreading the joy of summer flowers across Latvia and beyond. Together, let's make the world a more colorful and enchanting place—one seed at a time.