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Lielziedu brūnactiņa x hybrida Incredible! Tall Mix

Lielziedu brūnactiņa x hybrida Incredible! Tall Mix

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Intensive breeding of the ever popular Coreopsis has given us this favourite series in a brilliant range of not-seen-before colours – a lovely mixture of bicolors in very dark red with cream or yellow. Fast growing and very easy – an unusual addition to the border, they will flower all summer from June to October.

  • Seeds germinate in 21-30 days.
  • Light aids seed germination; gently press into soil or surface sow seeds, covering with a very fine layer of starting mix or vermiculite.
  • Keep tray consistently lightly moist, but not soaking wet, until germinated. (Some will choose to cover the tray in a clear plastic bag or with plastic wrap to trap moisture until germinated, but this is optional.) 
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