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Kosmejas Apricotta

Kosmejas Apricotta

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Introducing the stunning Cosmos bipinnatus Apricotta - a must-have addition for any gardener or nature enthusiast looking to support bee and butterfly populations. Cosmo Apricotta flowers have soft apricot petals with a touch of lilac in the centre. With its iridescent blooms and tall, productive plants, Apricotta is a valuable choice for both preserving insects and creating beautiful floral arrangements. Our customers love it.

Tips to Grow:

Cosmos can be grown on poor and dry soils, but you will get the best result if you pay some attention to it. Disease and cold-resistant, tolerates mild frosts ( -1-2 ⁰С). Transplants well. Seeds are large enough and can be grown by direct seeding once the soil temperature is above 16⁰С. Pinch main stem at 25-30 cm height to encourage branching and bloom production. Subsequent deadheading is recommended to keep plant blooming.



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