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Gomphocardus fruticosus Cottonbush

Gomphocardus fruticosus Cottonbush

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It is a quick-growing, short-lived, soft shrub.  Grow it in well-drained soil in a sunny position. Feeding with compost and regular watering produces a more bushy, vigorous plant. It can be propagated easily by seed, sown in spring or summer. To harvest the seed, allow the fruits to ripen on the plant and harvest as they start to split open. Keep a close eye on them or bag them, because once the pod splits open, the seeds disperse in the wind.

Pointed inflated pods, pale green tinged with brown, shrubby plant.

The inflated fruits last well in the vase, when dried, and can be used in fresh and dried floral arrangements. Wash your hands after handling the cut stems and dispose of all clippings.

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