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Cinnijas Benary's Giant Coral

Cinnijas Benary's Giant Coral

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Vibrant coral-hued blossoms adorn this timeless classic, with vigorous plants blooming from mid-summer until frost. A stunning addition to any garden or vase, and a beloved choice among pollinators.

How to sow: 

Sow seeds indoors 4 weeks before last frost. Maintain warm temperatures for improved germination. Harden off seedlings and transplant outdoors after last frost. May also be direct seeded once soil has warmed up. Pinch seedlings when 8” tall.


Zinnias are easy to grow and are tolerant of heat and drought. For cut flowers, harvest opened blooms once the stems have stiffened. Deadhead for continuous blooms. 75-90 days to maturity. 


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