Kolekcija: Nicotiana | Tobacco Plant

Seed should be sown thinly on to moist, light compost from February to March. The seed is generally quite fine, and should only be covered very lightly and kept under glass or indoors at around 18-20°C. Germination takes about a fortnight and is usually quite uniform. Seedlings should then be moved on individually into plugs or small pots as soon as they are large enough to handle. Make sure seedlings have been kept well-watered before transferring, this will help the small plants negotiate the stress of upheaval. It is also worth noting that tobaccos have brittle, clingy leaves that stick to one another and will rip or break if you don’t take due care while separating.

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Katra ziedu sezona ir kā pirmā. Kad mums jautā, kuri ir mūsu vismīļākie ziedi, - tādu nav. Jo patīk viss, kas tieši tajā brīdī pašu lolotajās puķu dobēs uzziedējis.

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